Our Business

We are dedicated to providing high quality products and solutions that meet our stakeholders’ expectations.

Optimal Distribution





We offer a variety of top tier brands. With its global network of subsidiaries, Beauty Hub Trading offers added to value to both its suppliers and its customers.

Through a concept of “Source, Serve and Supply”, Beauty Hub distributes products internationally in varying order sizes and frequencies at highly competitive prices. Giving our customers the most efficient and flexible access to luxury branded products at highly competitive prices.

Distribution partner in Health & Beauty

Beauty Hub is a leading international distributor (b2b) of Health & Beauty products serving the following channels:

Our brand portfolio - Health and Beauty

We are currently active in perfumes (niche & mainstream), cosmetics, toiletries, and professional haircare. We are however constantly exploring new ways to add to our branded portfolio to ensure fulfillment of current and future customer demands. Besides expanding our product portfolio Beauty Hub is also constantly looking for opportunities in new market and new business models ensuring that we will remain leading in adding value to our global branded luxury portfolio.


And many others

Excellent Supply Chain

Our infrastructure is based on continuous innovation and keen investments together with the implementation of stringent efficiency programs, smart ICT solutions and innovative logistics. 

Ensuring full compliance in all stages of the business process is standard procedure at Beauty Hub. All operating divisions within Beauty Hub that deal with customs matters are AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified. Our company takes pride in the fact that it runs one of the European Union’s most extensive bonded warehouses and adheres to compliance processes and procedures that are certified to meet the most stringent standards. Through our AEO status and our strict adherence to compliance processes we are able to process goods safely and efficiently resulting in quicker and more reliant lead times to our customers.


We believe our company’s infrastructure is fully equipped to meet our long-term ambitions of growth, sustainability and entrepreneurship.