Integrity, Honesty, Transparency

About Us


“Beauty, attractiveness, irresistibleness”. This was our go to moto on which we based our whole business model. 25 years ago, Beauty Hub started as a small firm with very limited offerings. However, we devoted energy, time and competencies to achieve what we always aspired: a hub that fulfil human’s desires and temptations. Beauty Hub is all about self-confidence, self-belonging and uniqueness.

Since we started operating, we overcame a lot of business challenges and faced a lot of competition.

Here we are today, covering four main divisions: Luxury Perfume, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Cosmetics & Skincare.

In more than 25 years of conducting business, we became a leading partner in Health & Beauty products, offering a chain of global distribution. We have always thrived for new business opportunities on international touchpoints and we were able to distinguish ourselves in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our business model is anchored onto the idea of maximizing customer satisfaction and ensuring that the customer journey is incomparable. The whole operation revolves around our dearest client. We foster loyalty through proactive customer relations and develop platforms where customers will be able to express their feedbacks, which in turn will help us optimize our business outcome. We listen to consumer and understand each and every culture in order to meet customers’ desires. We believe that a mixture of perspectives will push us to further innovation in the Beauty world.